Moon Man Dan is a Moon Man, who lives on our Moon.

He cares for our Moon and each night, pulls the blanket that gives The Moon its shape.

He checks through his Moon Man Telescope, that the Earth is happy and ready for bed.

When all is right, he turns on the BIG moon light.

Dan is not alone on The Moon up in Space, he lives with some friends...

The NoOms are friends of Moon Man Dan and live in the craters found on The Moon.

There is NoOmNi, A young girl with a bow in her hair, NoOmNoo, a young boy and NoOmNar, the oldest, but not the wisest of the NoOms.

They are mischievious characters and like to solve problems, but often get it wrong.

The MoOnMoos graze on The Moon Surface. They never say or do much, but are often caught up in the adventure of the day. Some say that they came to be on The Moon after the cow who originally jumped over The Moon decided to live there.

Moon Man Dan is a preschool childrens animation designed to make children laugh, learn and discover a world beyond our own.

Our online episode is the perfect bedtime story to share with your little ones before they drift off to sleep.

Pickled Pepper Productions & Moon Man Dan has been 100% funded by personal investment & good will of children's TV professionals.

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